Experience and Community Service

I have theatre experience by working on my high school’s theatre shows. They gave me an insight to how theatre productions in actual real life work in a much more easier and smaller scale. It helped me understand how a stage manager runs production meetings (even though it’s done differently here with the designers getting more freedom and independency to share what they work on and getting in contact with the director, so the stage manager is a little out of the loop).

My first job was a lifeguard which I absolutely hated because I like to interact and collaborate with people during my job, not just watch people.

When I went to Israel in the summer of 2016, I worked in a food bank where we packaged foods and sent them out to deliver for homeless people. It was really cool to see how much donated food was there and how another culture that is completely different from America helps their homeless people. Here, I raised money for a no kill animal shelter called The Sanctuary At Haafsville.


Paige Perkinson:

So I only have one interview because literally no one would get back to me like honestly whats up with that.  So I interviewed my teacher and director from high school. I assistant directed and stage managed for her so getting in contact with her was pretty easy. She told me about how it’s like to be an actor in the real world and how to be an equity member. Since she got her theatre education at Boston University, she stayed local and performs in shows in Boston while teaching acting at my high school on the side. She told me about her company where she recently did a production of Macbeth (she played Lady Macbeth) and got me in contact for a stage management internship within her company.

Professional Interests

Future job options:

Stage Manager

  • Pros: dream job lol, lots of experience, valuable life lessons
  • Cons: Unstable job, long hours
  • Courses: Stage Management, Advanced Stage Management

Film Producer

  • Pros: Like stage management but for film, creative input
  • Cons: Hard to acquire, job ends when movie ends
  • Courses: Film Analysis, Video Production


  • Pros: Can implement social psych, Could be used for the arts
  • Cons: Not really arts related, business?
  • Courses: Marketing, Social Psych

Future Goals

This course impacted me by teaching me how to network and how to make an online presence through linkedIn. I will continue to use the things I’ve learned in this class and will continue to keep in touch with the people I networked with.

Thanks Ryan you’re a G.

About Me

I’m a freshman at Muhlenberg College, with three majors (Psych, Film, and Stage Management). Dedicated to learning more in-depth and grow as an artist. Knows a lot of different parts (tech, design, and acting) of theatre and working with others on a more collaborative scale. Worked in many aspects of theater for eight years and had one year of film development education. Passionate about the art of film production and analysis and stage management.

Although most of my jobs consisted of working with kids, it helps me be a good stage manager by being a leader, organized, and helping me learn how to think ahead. I swam on a swim team until senior year of high school which helped me learn what it’s like to be a part of a collaborative team that is not theatre.

My parents are an inspiration for me because they immigrated from Russia and made something of themselves. They are now living their dream jobs as doctors, even though they came here with nothing. My parents accomplished this by networking through their jobs and events.